Not the best on Mont Rough! (Roup)

18 February 2012

We had another stunning day although it was cooler than yesterday, which was surprisingly warm. The sun was shining and I took my team to Mont Roup via the Borsat traverse. The meadows after the traverse were lovely and we had some nice skiing leaving some good tracks. Yesterday’s heat ruined the sunny exposures so I tested the snow on the way down and was confident that the snow on the more easterly slopes of Mont Roup would be good. Wrong! The snow hadn’t taken the sun, but for various reasons such as old tracks underneath and wind, it was jolly tricky and not nearly as good as I’d expected. I take pride in finding the best snow possible day in and day out, but today wasn’t my day. Anyway, the team did the business and didn’t give me too hard of time!

Geoff and Inga peeled out to buy skis while Charlie, Caroline, Alex and I carried on and skied Henry’s Gulley. The snow above the gulley was surprisingly good but the fresh snow has allowed the gulley to bump up a little as compared to the smooth surface of last week. (Strike two!) From there we headed to the Familial and had some excellent snow across the meadows (yahoo!) and I left the team at the old ruined Shepherd’s hut, where the girls and I had our first picnic of the season.

After lunch the girls and I did some great skiing on and off-piste and they talked me into the Piste Perdue. (It’s only the third time in nearly thirty-years.) It was jolly good fun but there are a couple of places where you need to take off skis and pass children (and wives!) down over ledges and crawl through narrow holes.

Meanwhile Andreas had a brilliant day down in Ste Foy with Johnny ‘Alpine’ and Chrissy. They did a ‘double-skin’ and skied the Col de l’Argentiere in great snow. It was John’s first trip down that way and he was well impressed. Well done you guys!

Tansy had a family ski today with Victor and Ness and Victor loved the Acti-cross, which is a real crowd pleaser!

We may have a cloudy day tomorrow but hopefully we’ll get some snow tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed!

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