Back in business in potentially difficult conditions!

19 February 2012

The forecast for this morning was overcast with flat-light and a chance of some snow later in the morning. After a tricky session yesterday it wasn’t the outlook I was hoping for (except for snow later on) but we were fortunate to have patches of blue sky, which we managed to take advantage for most of the morning. It was bits-and-pieces today, but good bits-and-pieces and the snow quality was excellent allowing Chrissy, Caroline, Charlie and I to enjoy some great skiing with two ten-minute ‘skins’. We started with a little technique on Bonnevie’s Drag while waiting for the Borsat to open followed by a nice ski under the Borsat chair and into the Lower Borsat. From there we took the Funicular upstairs and found some surprisingly good snow around my shoulder and in the meadows below. We ‘skinned’ back to the Leisse chair and circled back to take some pitches we’d spotted from underneath, then cut across for some nice snow on the Borsat West. All this skiing took place with great vis but once we started down a fog rolled in so we stayed on the piste to finish the morning. I was well pleased to rebound with a really good day when things looked potentially sticky this morning.

Chris and Thomas were back off-piste today for the first time in a week and I saw JC in my travels but didn’t come across Thomas. Chris skied around the Motte while Thomas was around the Bellevarde/Charvet sectors. Welcome back boys! Andreas and Henry enjoyed a day off with their families.

Sports Report- It was a great win last night for the Calgary Flames who beat the Kings 1-0 in LA. The 2-points haul Calgary into the Play-Off picture for the first-time this season. Come on boys and I hope you enjoyed it Dad!

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