A 'maximum-turn' morning of high quality!

20 February 2012

Wow, what a morning that was! Around 10cm’s fell overnight but with the help of the wind there were some lovely pockets of snow and good accumulations on the lee slopes. My Vietnamese friend Tony had arrived for his first morning and what a treat he had today. We were first into the Kern, which was an excellent start to the morning and the team left some great tracks behind. From there we enjoyed some bonus turns off the edge of the Mont Blanc piste en route to the Borsat where we had some great skiing under the chair before tucking around the corner in the Lower Borsat. From there we continued on down through the meadows to the Funicular and headed upstairs to the Motte. We tried my shoulder, which had been trashed by a group of skiers passing by to ‘skin’ up the other side of the valley, and this temporarily made me mad. Anyway, we worked our way down then skied some nice snow before ‘skinning’ back up to the chair for 10-minutes, by which time I had recovered my form. Next up was a trip up the cable-car to access a beautiful 144-turn shot by the edge of the Rosolin, and after booting out for 10-minutes we had a 60-turn pitch back down above the ’Wall’ before cutting back to the chair. On the way back we skied a great Cairn and an equally good Familial to finish a cracking ’maximum-turn’ morning. Hats off to John and Margaret, both of whom skied beautifully this morning!

Andreas initiated some new clients today, Dmitri and Elena, and after checking out their level took them straight off to ski the Chardonnet, which was excellent followed by the Sache and the Familial. What a top first day, well done and welcome to ‘Alpine’! Meanwhile, Chris, Ann and Nick started in the Kern then headed to the Sachette before finishing with the Familial and they also had a brilliant morning. Thomas and Henry both went up to the Fornet and had some great skiing in the gullies and Pays Desert and then Thomas took a trip over the Col Pers. It’s been awhile since I’ve skied up that way and well done boys for heading up that way and testing it out, as the rest of us will be phoning up for reports! (And thanks Henry for the write-up on your blog yesterday)

Millie is suffering with a fever so Gill is off skiing with Katie this afternoon while I take care of Millie. We’ve Mrs. Doubtfire on the DVD and I’ll concentrate on it as soon as I’ve finished the update.

We all had a fabulous ski today and this little bit of fresh snow will have to do as sun is forecast for the rest of the week. (Today’s photos are up)

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