The first Glacier Pers of the season!

22 February 2012

I decided it was time to go to the Fornet as I was in need of a change of scenery, and we had a cracking good morning. After a little warm-up in the Combe du Signal we headed over the Col en route to the first Glacier Pers of the season. Getting over the Col was tricky but not at all dangerous with a little patient and concentration, and we all made it without incident. Chris cut the track around the and being into the breeze it took us awhile to arrive under the Point Pers where we put on our ‘skins’. It was fantastic to be out there again as it is a stunning corner of the resort, and with the snow being as good as it possibly could have been and the gorge being beautiful and easy to pass through, it all made for a great result.

Andreas went over the Col with his private group then finished off around the Spatule, Kern and Familial while Thomas ran into my girls and their pal Anna around the Motte. I haven’t heard from Henry for a few days so I’m sure he’s spending some time with his family.

Sun is forecast until at least next Thursday so we’ll need to work hard and use our imaginations until the next snowfall.

Sports Report- What a win for the Hammers last night as for the third game running we managed to overcome the odds while playing with only ten-men. It’s a bad habit that Big Sam will need to address and we’re now without three of our best players, including our goal-keeper who was sent off last night, for the next few games. Still, it’s going well in Hammer-land and I’m a happy chappy!

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