High cloud cover and extremely warm!

23 February 2012

High cloud was forecast to disrupt our flow this morning, and sure enough it clouded over and flattened out our light. Still, it was brighter than expected and we had moments of sunshine during the morning allowing us all a pretty good morning. Chris and I headed up to the Motte for a very good Rosolin and after about 40-turns or so we had to stop because a piste-basher had laid a strip across our line, which was rather annoying. Anyway, after picking Tony up after he’d splatted (stopped below me the naughty boy!) we continued on with a lovely 100-turn pitch to the bottom from where we booted up the ‘dread-locks’ for another 60-turns en route to the ‘Wall’. We skied the ‘Wall’ down into the Combe des Lanches on nice chalky snow and it was all rather pleasant. Chris went back up to do the Wall/Lanches again while my team skied the Cairn, which was rubbish! I then finished with a really good Familial while Chris finished with the Kern.

Meanwhile, the last I saw of Andreas he was heading towards Mickey’s Ears with his Vikings and he also skied the Familial, Kern and Spatule. Thomas was in action with a French family and I think he went down to Ste Foy, while Henry is off and not feeling that well.

It was extremely hot this afternoon and I’m hoping the heat hasn’t finished off what’s left of our options, as it’s not easy at the moment. I don’t want to revert to skiing pisted off-piste, but if it doesn’t snow we may need to do just that and just enjoy the slopes for being impressive places. The sun is forecast to return in full force tomorrow and no snow is on the horizon for a least a week! (but you never know, hopefully they’ll get it wrong!)

PS And a big Happy Birthday to Millie John, who is six-years-old today! Thanks Dom and Sarah for the skating and pizza party, the girls loved it!

PSS Penny was sporting a new ski jacket today and it looked great, and I can tell you for free that Red Ray would have been jealous!

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