A cracking good Col des Fours!

24 February 2012

Yesterday’s clouds disappeared overnight and it was back to bright blue skies and sunshine that felt like mid-April. It was -4C in the village at 8AM but +3C on the top of Bellevarde, and I would imagine sitting against a south-facing wall it must have been around 20C! Anyway, my team of Johnny ’Alpine’, Elena, Penny, Tony N, Sophie, Julian V (Frenchie’s brother), and his mate Toby headed up to the Col des Fours and we were rewarded with a terrific outing. The walk was beautiful and when we arrived on top and looked over the Col I was glad to see enough space amongst the tracks for us. In fact, there was plenty of room and the snow quality was better than expected, which is always a surprise on the pleasant side. We had a great ski down then ’skinned’ for another ten to fifteen-minutes over the next little Col to access some more skiing with good snow and great ambience. Elena lost a pole so I had to finish the lower slopes with one pole and the snow was just ’educational’ enough for me to wonder how you folks who don’t plant your poles can ski so well! Anyway, it was a really good ski and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

It was great to see Julian again and a big hello to his brother Chris (Frenchie) and Chris’ wife Ellen. Hopefully we’ll see you both before the end of the season. And a big well done to Elena who is new to off-piste and she’s done incredibly well this week, really enjoying the skiing, walking and all-round ‘Alpine’ ambience. Tony has just finished a brilliant week and has had his dental patients following his adventures on the Diary.

Thomas skied in Tignes while Chris went to Italy and Andreas and Henry had the morning off.

I didn’t have my camera today as Gill took it for the girls picnic so today’s photos will be of the girls enjoying themselves.

Stay tuned for more sunshine tomorrow!

PS I saw Mark Jones from ICE today in the Col des Fours and his team seemed to be having a pretty good time as well. They took their time as well and made most of the day of it. For those who’ve never ‘skinned’ our been out there before, it was an excellent adventure with wonderful scenery.

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