It only snowed about 5cm's overnight

02 December 2007

It only snowed about 5cm’s overnight, which was surprising because around 9 PM last night there were some huge snowflakes falling. But the promised sun was out this morning and Penny and I, along with Andreas and Henry’s teams had a great ski in and around the same sector as yesterday. I decided to re-mount my old beat-up Dynastars because the last two days have taken a toll on my new skis, but the skiing has been good enough off-piste to stay away from the ‘nutters’ on-piste. Andreas was feeling a little rough this morning (to say the least) as he was out late playing guitar and singing ‘Mustang Sally’ with the band at Dick’s. Kristina is now on duty in the shop and Chris and Suzanne are due to arrive on Wednesday. The forecast is for some good snow over the next few days, but high winds between 70 to 100 kph at 2500m’s are also part of the deal. Still, bring on the snow no matter how it comes!

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