Margaret takes a 'whipper'!

25 February 2012

It was hot again today and I took my team up to the Fornet for the Glacier Pers as Toby had never been over the Col before. Unfortunately John E had to pull out just as we were climbing up to the Col because his boot fell apart. He’s had them for ages and they don’t really owe him anything, but fortunately they gave up before the Col and not while stepping in over the rocks! The entrance to the Col isn’t getting any easier but it’s still very do-able with a little patience and we got down off the rocks without any problems. But, once back onto the snow Margaret missed a turn and took a horrible ‘whipper’ sliding over some pretty rough terrain. She took a hit on her back-pack and miraculously Margaret arrived at the bottom unhurt. It would have shaken a person half Margaret’s age but she just stood up, dusted herself off and said, “I guess I should have just kept side-slipping!” (At this stage I figured it was just as well that John had gone home so he didn’t see what Margaret gets up to when he’s not around) Anyways Margaret, I’m really proud of you, you never fail to amaze me, and Julian and Toby were well impressed!

As for the skiing, we enjoyed a lovely Glacier Pers and had the place to ourselves along with Johnny ‘Alpine’, Richard Finlay, and Dave Carr. We had 10 to 15cm’s or so on a nice smooth base and it was excellent up top, pretty jolly good through the middle section, and good smooth soufflé dur at the bottom. The gorge is still passing easily although a couple of holes are starting to appear and it’s a beautiful trip with some lovely frozen waterfalls hanging down from the sides. Once down I took Julian and Toby for a quick Spatule en route to Les Tufs where they had lunch.

I’m having my first morning ‘off’ of the season tomorrow and will be skiing with the girls who want to do some off-piste before have lunch at the Edelweiss. Sounds like a good plan to me!

Today’s photos are up on my link.

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