Katie's first Pays Desert and Grand Vallon!

26 February 2012

I had my first morning off this season today and after a leisurely breakfast the girls and I headed up Solaise en route to the Fornet. Many a skier will have been ambushed by the cold this morning as it was significantly cooler, and made worse by a chilly wind. There was also some low lying thick fog, which was a pain first thing but we broke through it when we arrived on the Col and stayed in the sun the rest of the morning. Katie skied her first Pays Desert followed by another first in the Grand Vallon, and both the girls did really well. We had lunch in the Edelweiss as Millie wanted a tagliatelle carbonara, which we all enjoyed except Gill who opted for the raviolis. The girls now have a couple of little French friends over to play and it’s back to school for them tomorrow.

There has been quite a bit of avalanche activity over the past ten days in France and around Europe. The three-week spell of extremely cold weather developed a weak layer in the snow-pack and with a combination of fresh snow and high temperatures, the weight on the weakened layer has significantly increased. (Check Henry’s site for more news and information.) Meteo France has the risk at 2/5 here today but at the Fornet and on Radio Val the local rating has been bumped up to 3/5. (I’m not too sure why as you’d need to try pretty hard to get yourself into trouble.)

Andreas had a late cancellation yesterday so he headed to Ste Foy to do some exploring and skied the Couloir Doudou, which looked pretty jolly good. Andreas wasn’t happy about the late cancellation and it re-opens the debate about using Pay-Pal to take money in advance from new clients, or those with a poor record of showing up for pre-booked spaces. Anyway, he had a great ski, which helped make up for it!

Didier M mentioned that someone cheeky had cut the cord on the Col that you needed to duck under and people have been using it to lower themselves down over the nasty rocks on the skiers-left-hand side. (It’s much easier stepping down on the right-hand side) Apparently the cord is fraying and will be giving way at some point soon, and hopefully it won’t be with ten skiers hanging off it!

Sports Report- It wasn’t the best of days for the Hammers yesterday but Big Sam thought there were some tired legs after playing three games in a row with only ten-men. (I’ve heard worse excuses) Anyway, at least Birmingham lost as they’ve been creeping up the table. And poor old Arsenal are taking a thumping from Spurs at the moment, although there is a long way to go. It’s a little sad to see the Gunners in such a state as they’ve been such an entertaining side for so long and a real credit to the Premiership.

PS It’s just gone from 2-0 to 2-2 in a matter of minutes. Look’s to be some fight left in the Gunners after-all!

PSS I thought I’d go up to Guffy’s to watch the second half, and what a finish! 5-2 to Arsenal, brilliant! Norwich v Man U was on at the same time so there was no shortage of screaming and groaning.

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