Low expectations but a top result!

27 February 2012

Yesterday’s murky fog and cloud cover disappeared overnight and it was back to glorious sunshine again today. The Noble boys, Harry and Ian are back in town and along with Nick C, Penny, Gill and new character Moscki, we went out in search of soft snow to lay our tracks in. No one was expecting too much but we managed good snow all morning long with just a couple of ten to fifteen-minute ‘skins’. We warmed up in some nice snow off the Mont Blanc piste while waiting for the Borsat to open and then skied piste down to the Funicular in Tignes. We took the cable-car to the top and cut out into the Rosolin for 103-turns (Penny counted them) of pretty good soft snow. After a ten-minute ‘skin’ we had another 55-turns across the top of the glacier where we met Andreas who was in need of some beeps. From there we took the chair back up and ’skinned’ for 15-minutes towards the Borsat West, and again the snow was excellent. We finished off a very enjoyable morning with a funky Familial, which ended up with a few turns on spring snow.

Nick asked me what type of snow were skiing as he’s a regular reader of the Daily Diary and was wondering how I’d describe it? Good question Nick! The high winds of days gone by have created a firm and mostly smooth support layer and we’ve now 5 to 15cm’s of cold winter frisset-like snow on top. It makes for great skiing but I’d need to ask an Eskimo for the proper one-word description.

Chris skied similar runs to my group this morning with Jonathan and Dianne while Andreas skied the ‘Wall’, Mickey’s Ears and I not too sure what else with his pals Fiona and Henry.

The girls are back in school so Gill skied off-piste for the first time in ages, and Suzanne was back skiing with Chris this morning after driving to Normandy and back as well as taking care of Edward for a week. I haven’t seen Henry in ages and Thomas had the day off.

Sports Report- It was a ‘couch potato’s’ type of afternoon yesterday with some fantastic football matches, one after the other, and a great game of rugby to finish it off. Brilliant!

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