Another good Glacier Pers and trip through the gorge!

28 February 2012

The sun was shining again, and just as well because it would be jolly difficult trying to entertain people in flat-light! Chris and I decided to head over the Col for some adventure and to ski the Glacier Pers. The entrance looks very ugly indeed but it’s much easier than it looks except for a couple of tricky spots, which need to be negotiated with care and we all got down without any trouble. I was worried about the snow being damaged by the northerly wind that’s been blowing the past few days and I was relieved to see that the snow still looked pretty good with only our tracks from the past couple of trips left on the mountain. It was Moscki and Nick’s first trip to the Glacier Pers and both the boys were well impressed with the scenery as well as the skiing. The snow was pretty good all the way down with the last slope being soufflé dur, which worked quite nicely. The gorge is stunning at the moment with beautiful blue ice walls on either side and a couple of holes are appearing, which adds to the ambience.

Andreas had another cancellation today so he ‘skinned’ up to the Col des Fours by himself in 48-minutes, and he then continued on to the Lores and was back at the Manchet chairlift by 11:45. Nice work! He really didn’t get a chance to test the Col des Fours slopes as he cut out in order to save time heading up to the Lores, where the top was good but the bottom slopes weren’t great.

I skied this afternoon with Ellie’s cousin Mandy, who I haven’t seen in nearly 20-years, and her daughter Amie. It was great to see her again and we had some good laughs as well as a cracking good ski. (Amie is here for the season working for John at YSE)

It clouded over late in the afternoon but the sun is forecast to shine again tomorrow and we’ve been teased with the chance of snow early next week. Fingers crossed as a fresh canvas would make life a lot easier!

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