Getting tougher but the team came through!

29 February 2012

It was incredibly hot today with temperatures resembling mid-April, and I for one had had too many clothes on even though I dropped a couple of layers and dug out my spring jacket. Blimey! Anyway, it’s not getting any easier but the team put on another really good show this morning. Chris and I skied some nice snow off the Mont Blanc piste then headed towards Tignes for a much better-than-expected Sachette. In fact it was excellent and we had the place to ourselves! I finished off with a funky Familial as you need to go a long way out to get anything clean, but it’s a good little tour to finish up on with a nice snow.

Andreas took his team up to the Glacier Pers, which is still great skiing with terrific ambience. The entrance over the Col and the gorge are both interesting to say the least and add to the beautiful scenery in the Glacier Pers. Henry opted for the Col des Fours and they had a lovely walk and Henry ‘sniffed’ out some great snow as well. All in all, I thought the team did a cracking good job again today. Bravo boys!

Gill and I had a quick ski with the girls this afternoon and we had a really good Familial in some wet almost-spring-snow (poor man’s powder) and the girls skied it beautifully. We then went to Jonathan’s chalet for some tea and cakes, which was jolly nice. Thanks Jonathan!

More heat is forecast for tomorrow, and after today’s warmth we could be a tricky day. The sun isn’t yet strong enough to create proper spring snow (unless you’re down at very low altitudes) but there may have been enough heat today to damage some of the lower altitude northern slopes. (The only spring slopes that support are those that support because they’ve been compacted by the wind combined with the heat, and not solely because of the melt-freeze process.) Anyway, I’ve a plan but will need to test the snow first thing in the morning. Stay tuned to find out how we get on!

Today’s photos are up on my link.

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