A really fun morning!

01 March 2012

The sun was belting down the heat again today and we’re enjoying ridiculously beautiful weather, the type of weather you might expect on a tropical island somewhere. After testing the snow on a gentle north-facing slope this morning it was thumbs-up for continuing the search for winter snow and we had a cracking good morning mixing winter powder with a few pitches of spring snow. We warmed-up in some lovely snow off the Mont Blanc piste, which is a great testing ground, then skied piste down to the Funicular in Tignes. Chris had a run-in with some out-of-control piste skiers and had a bit of a go at them and then asked a pisteur for some support but it seems they’re helpless against dangerous skiers. It’s a pity because the pistes are a scary place now and it makes me sick they way some people ski. They are a menace, totally selfish, irresponsible and a serious threat to everyone else on the pistes and thank God we spend 99.99% of our time off-piste. Good on you Chris! Anyway, once up the train we had a lovely pitch of spring snow followed by spring-like snow down the edge of my shoulder and onto winter snow at the bottom where we put on our ‘skins’. After ‘skinning’ to the Borsat West we had good snow all the way down then finished the morning with a really funky Alti-port, which called for 10-minutes of ‘skinning’ to bring us back to the sunny slopes opposite the Alti-port. It was a great morning and Penny summed it up with, “That was a really fun morning”. And good on Penny today as she is getting her ‘skins’ on quicker and quicker and is walking better with each passing day. Bravo Penny!

Meanwhile Henry took David H and his team over the Col for the Glacier Pers and I’m sure they had a good time, and I think Andreas went down to Ste Foy with his pals Henry and Fiona, while Thomas was back in action skiing around the Motte followed by the Sache.

I shocked the Jean Sport team by buying my first new pair of skis (that are still current) in 10-years this afternoon. I chose a pair of Movement Bonds and even though they are wider than I’m used to, they’re still pretty skinny compared to most. I tried some non-current Movement Couloir Gaz at Christmas for a couple of weeks and really enjoyed them and these Bonds have taken over from them. I’m quite looking forward to stepping into the 21st Century although I’ve gone as skinny as possible!

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