First day on my new skis!

02 March 2012

It took some thought this morning as the Meteo France Avalanche Forecast was pretty off-putting to say the least, with the risk rated at 3 rising to 4 between 10am and noon on sunny slopes below 2500 metres. There was a good re-freeze overnight so we decided to go ahead with our plans and Chris and I headed up to the Crete du Genepy in search of spring snow. It was a lovely walk and after the heat of the past few days we found excellent spring snow top-to-bottom. I’d imagined perfectly smooth snow but our tracks from weeks ago when we were skiing powder were showing through plus a few tracks from more recent skiers, but we managed to find good lines all the way and it was another good result.

Andreas took his team to the Col des Fours, and although tracked there is still winter snow to had and they enjoyed an excellent outing. I heard Thomas on the radio but I’m not too sure what he was up to and there was no sign of Henry this morning.

I tried my new skis this morning and they’re pretty zippy on the piste and are going to be really good fun. They feel as if they may need a little tuning on the edges but I think I’m going to love them and I’m looking forward to some fresh snow next week to see how they go in the powder. (I’m also looking forward to a good piste blast with the girls tomorrow afternoon because they really have some get-up-and-go in them)

It’s been hot and sunny again today and more of the same is forecast for tomorrow. They’ve closed the Manchet cross-country circuit this afternoon due to avalanche risk so Katie will have missed her x-country skiing with the school this afternoon.

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