Squeezed in another great morning before the change in weather!

03 March 2012

I was on my own today as the rest of the boys were off so it was a little lonely at the Gourmandine this morning. I had planned on going to the Fornet for a change of scenery but changed my mind and headed towards the Motte instead. We had a cracking ski off the Rosolin in good winter snow before ‘skinning’ out for ten minutes to access 40-turns or so in superb snow across the glacier towards the ‘Wall’. From there we switched to spring snow off the Leisse, then my shoulder and the meadows below before ‘skinning’ again for more winter snow on the Borsat West. The snow was excellent again this morning and I’m pleased with this week’s work as we skied great snow in tough conditions and everyone has really enjoyed their skiing.

Thanks to Ian, Harry, Jonathan and Penny who took Gill, Millie, Katie and I to lunch at the Bar des Sports. Diana was also there along with their friend Steve, and it was good fun. Ian then accompanied Millie, Katie and I for a good piste bash this afternoon. Ian bought some new skis (Movement Couloir Gaz) and he had a chance to put them through their paces this afternoon. (And I found my new skis even better today and I think I’m really going to enjoy them.)

It was much cooler this afternoon, the wind started to pick up and clouds started to roll in. I’ve tomorrow off and I’m hoping for a foul day with wind and snow, one that you are really happy to be missing. Hopefully we’ll get some snow tomorrow and again on Monday as we are in desperate need of a fresh canvas.

And thanks again to Jonathan who’s volunteered to baby-sit the girls tonight. They’re really looking forward to it because for some reason they think he’s a really fun and naughty character. Never!

Sports Report- Bravo Arsenal!
PS And you too Roger Federer!

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