Back in business!

05 March 2012

Around 10cm’s fell overnight and with a little help from the wind there was a decent accumulation in places and enough new snow to make for a very pleasant morning. I was on a ‘maximum-turn’ theme and we had some great skiing off the Verte/Mont Blanc, one beside the Borsat piste back to the chair, and then the Lower Borsat into Tignes. Chris and I then headed up the Funicular for a good run off the Leisse and my shoulder, but a fog rolled in and it was a little chunky underfoot so we skied back down using both sides of the Genepy piste and finding lovely snow en route. Chris then went up to ski a good run in the Combe des Lanches while my team opted for a hot chocolate and Chris then finished up an excellent morning in the Familial. After our chocolate stop we skied the meadows under the Grande Balme then finished with the Familial as well.

It was Jean’s first day back in three weeks and he thoroughly enjoyed getting back into it while Stephen and Kaye have been skiing greens and blues with family for the past two weeks, so they were pretty keen as well. Geoff is over-the-moon with the performance of his new knee-replacement, Gill, Penny and Inga were on good form, so we had a pretty jolly group.

Meanwhile Andreas had Douglas and Melissa, one of whom was on a board so he needed gravity-assistance and headed to the Chardonnet for a lovely ski, followed by the Sache, the Familial and then he finished with a little Spatule.

Chris had Jan from Holland, Jean, and new clients Simon and another chap named Matt, who’s from Angola of all places. The new boys slotted in brilliantly and skied really well.

Hopefully we’ll get more snow tonight and I’m really enjoying my new skis!

PS. Andreas has some more news about the accident in the gorge a couple of days ago. It was rumoured that the snow bridge collapsed but in fact the man who was killed fell into an existing hole. It was the hole around the middle of the route down, where normally the opening can be quite big and intimidating. At the moment the hole is very small and really quite easy to navigate around so in my opinion the accident was extremely bad luck and very unfortunate. I’ve been through there four or five times this season and the passage has been about as easy as it gets. (Unless it’s changed drastically in the past four days). The family group of four was being guided down by an ESF instructor around 4pm when the father fell into the hole and was swept under the snow bridge.

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