The resort decided only late yesterday to open today

01 December 2007

The resort decided only late yesterday to open today and we weren’t really expecting too much this morning, but we were pleasantly surprised with a cracking good first ski of the season. Very little was on offer up at the Fornet with only one piste on the Glacier available, while only the Madeleine piste open on the Tete du Solaise. With the liason to Tignes open Penny and I headed up the ‘bubbles’ at La Daille with the thought of the Grande Motte as our goal but arrived to find Tommeuse still closed, and were forced to ski back down to the bottom. After about three turns we decided to venture off the edge of the piste to find some decent snow,( thin but decent) and we stayed off-piste for the rest of the morning. Tommeuse was running by the time we arrived the second time and we found a mornings-worth of excellent snow, varying from 10 to 20 centimetres, off the edge of the closed Creux and Edelweiss sector. We left excellent tracks that couldn’t be seen from the lift so we had the place to ourselves all morning long and enjoyed an unexpected, brilliant morning. The snow cover is minimal and I must admit to needing a service on my new skis, but it was just too good to pass up. Andreas and Henry were on the mountain as well with one of Henry’s HAT Adventure groups, which Henry is running this weekend. We all ate at Les Tufs, which was packed on opening day, and we were relieved to find Jean Max and Francette till there. There was a rumour they had sold but we are very happy to announce that they will be there for at least this season. Henry and Andreas presented an excellent talk at Dick’s last night and Henry has collected some great footage and photos over the years, with many of the impressive ‘stills’ being taken by Chris.The forecast is for 5 to 10 centimetres of snow tonight followed by a sunny morning (yum) and then a chance of a proper snowfall on Tuesday. Fingers crossed as we are in a desperate need of snow, but it is much better than this time last year.

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