Back to the Fornet!

06 March 2012

There hasn’t been much of a chance to ski at the Fornet since the windstorms of early January so I thought I’d take the opportunity this morning, even though the clearer skies were towards Tignes. Chris is always looking for an excuse to head to the Fornet so he came as well and we enjoyed some wonderful skiing with just enough light throughout the morning. We were the first ones off the Signal Poma and dove straight into the Grand Vallon, which was excellent. From there we skied a very good Combe du Signal before heading upstairs to the Glacier. We skied the Combe du 3300, which was really good except for a couple of crunchy patches but it got better and better towards the bottom where it was gentler and more northerly. We decided to stay north so we went over the Col Pers, and what a transformation! Stepping in was a breeze compared to what it’s been and for the first time all season, it looks soft and white below. It was a cracking good ski, even towards the bottom where we chose to climb over the Grand Torsai to avoid the gorge, and we had good snow on a smooth firm base in the little gullies. Sarah skied really well and made progress during the morning while picking up a ‘skier of the morning’ award. Bravo Sarah, it was well merited and not just to wind up Dom!

Meanwhile, Andreas had a great morning as well with his team of Danish Vikings, lead by Jorgen Jensen, who is a regular reader of the diary. Skoal Jorgen! They skied the Borsat, Chardonnet, Palet, Genepy, Familial, and the Spatule twice. Take it easy on Andreas boys, he still has two months to go! Henry and Thomas were both in Tignes following the sunshine as well this morning and although I don’t know what they skied they will have skied similar runs to Andreas’ team.

It clouded over again this afternoon and I’m sure it’s snowing up at the Fornet, which is brilliant news because even though the skiing is much improved we could still use some more snow to cover the crunchy base that is lingering on any slopes that are steep or not facing north. The sun is forecast to shine tomorrow before more snow moves through on Thursday. Brilliant!

And Happy 7th Birthday to you Anna!

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