Fun in the fog!

08 March 2012

Around 10cm’s of fresh snow fell overnight and added to the snow of a couple of days ago we profited from a lovely soft cushion. This morning was about aiming for the areas of the mountain with the best visibility and trying to avoid the fog, which was thick and disorientating. (You’ll see the difference on the photos) Chris and I started off in great vis (relatively speaking) and good snow in the Lower Borsat and the meadows down into Tignes. There we had a decision to make about going up to the Motte to try to get above it, or try the big face on the Grande Balme, which was tantalisingly clear. The Balme turned out to be excellent as I was worried it might be firm underfoot but enough new snow blew in to make it a really good ski. From there it looked as if the Lavachet had decent light so we headed that way but ran into a serious fog bank that made navigating interesting. I took a compass reading just to make sure before starting the traverse across the Familial and I’m glad I did because it was nasty. We arrived and had wonderful skiing through the little trees and finally broke through towards the bottom on the final pitch, and we then ‘skinned’ out. Chris was in the mood to take on the fog again in the Familial so I followed him this time and we broke through in time to enjoy a good ski to the bottom.

Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas were battling the same elements and trying to ski with visibility wherever possible. Andreas skied the Familial a couple of times, the Sache and he may have skied the Chardonnet as well. I’m not too sure where Thomas ended up but everyone had a great morning with some adventurous ambience thrown in. Bravo boys!

The sun is forecast for tomorrow and several days after. We’ve had enough snow to give us a fresh canvas and we should have some great skiing for the next few days. Unfortunately it’s also forecast to get hot again, which won’t do the snow any good, mais c’est la vie!

Millie and Katie are looking forward to Nana coming this evening for a three-day visit. They’re also looking forward to Peter baby-sitting on Saturday night, as he’s planning fun and games for them. (And thanks Jonathan for last week, they were well impressed with your wicked sense of humour)

Sports Report- The hammers blew their chance to take over first-place last night but when you’re losing in the 87th-minute, a draw is a pretty good result!

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