What an action packed 24-hours!

09 March 2012

A lot has happened here since yesterday’s update! There was 80-cubic metres of rock that slid down onto the main road above Les Brevieres last evening around 7:30 and the road is still closed but due to open around 5:30 this afternoon. They’ve cleared the rock away but need to secure the mountainside before allowing traffic to pass underneath. The road is to open between 5:30 pm and 2 am before closing again for the night. They’re obviously desperate to have the road safely open for tomorrow, which of course is the busiest travel day of the week. Check out this radio val news update

Gill’s Mum was coming up from Geneva last night with Sarah J and needed to spend the night down at Andreas and Tansy’s. Thanks ever so much you two for getting everything ready and taking care of them. This morning Andreas, Thomas, Liz, Sarah and 30% of the work force made it up by driving to Les Brevieres and taking the rickety old chair up to Les Boisses where buses were waiting to get people to work. Gill and Dom drove down to pick the ladies up and Liz thankfully could get on with visiting her grand-daughters. It was well organised and had a sense of community spirit about it.

And now on to today’s skiing, which was absolutely superb! Thomas and Chris decided to go for a walk so they ’skinned’ up to the Glacier Pers and had wonderful snow all the way down before exiting through the gorge. Andreas, who came all the way up turned straight around as his Vikings wanted to go to Ste Foy. They skied down to Les Brevieres then took a taxi to Ste Foy and although I haven’t had a report it will have been fantastic as well.

Meanwhile I decided on a ‘maximum-turn’ session and headed up to the Fornet where we warmed-up under the Vallon Bubbles while waiting for the lifts to open. We then headed upstairs and had two excellent runs in the Pays Desert, the second of which we ‘skinned’ for ten-minutes to access the clean slopes to the bottom. From there we headed over the Col and traversed right for a few hundred metres before skiing outstanding snow right down to the river. Colin said, “That wasn’t just better than sex, it was better than good sex”! Trust Colin to come up with something appropriate! Anyway, being 1 pm and later than normal the gorge was stunning as the sun was starting to shine on the blue ice-walls hanging down into the gorge, which made them much more vivid and it was a spectacular sight to finish off a great morning.

Gill and Liz have gone off to the Manchet valley to watch Katie’s cross-country skiing session with her school and I’m relaxing at home finishing off the update. Gill had the camera this morning,(which was unfortunate as the photo opportunities where brilliant) so Jean has taken all today’s photos. I’m looking forward to your selection Jean!

It looks like sun is forecast for the next few days so we’ll be walking again. Stay tuned!

PS Special mention to Stephen and Robert this morning, both of whom had some moments of clarity on their skis. Brilliant boys! The rest of the team of Colin, Kaye, Jeremy, and Jean didn’t do too badly either. And I bonded with my Movement Bonds today. I’ve been getting to like them more each day but today they were stunning leaving me extremely pleased with them, and Jean had a big smile on his face as well!

PSS Andreas had a brilliant Foglietta with Jorgen and friends and they then taxied back to Les Brevieres and skied the Sache back down to their cars at 4pm. That’s a new combo! Andreas said it looks totally different in the Sache at that time as we’re normally in there around 11:30am.

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