Bad news in Hammerland!

10 March 2012

Woe is me as Doncaster has just equalised and the Hammers are wobbling. Hopefully by the time I finish this update they’ll have found a winner! Anyway, it was much warmer today and I was slightly over-dressed as yesterday it was jolly chilly in places and I wore the same layers today. I was travelling light with Jean, John E and Gill and we headed up to the Fornet to make the most of the excellent snow up there. We skied a cracking Pays Desert with a couple of ten-minute ‘skins’ before heading over the Col for a fantastic Tour du Lechoir (not sure of spelling as I can’t find my map) before exiting through the gorge.

After a great lunch with Nana I took the girls out for a ski this afternoon, which included a few trips through the snow park. I’m glad they’re still small enough to enjoy the green jumps as some of those bigger ones look a little intimidating for an old guy, especially one with a fake hip.

Chris was off to Mont Roup this morning, Thomas was heading towards the Sachette and Andreas went back down to Ste Foy, but I haven’t heard from any of the boys.

The sun is forecast to shine with warm temperatures for a few more days.

It’s a short update tonight as I’m a little weary and getting ready to go out to dinner. And Doncaster drawing with the Hammers doesn’t help. I can just imagine the boos ringing around Upton Park!

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