Another great morning under blue skies!

11 March 2012

The day started off slightly hazy but the skies cleared quickly and we were subjected to another stunning day! After a couple of days in the Fornet I headed to Tignes, along with Chris, and we had a brilliant ski with a warm-up off the Mont Blanc, followed by an excellent Lavachet, an equally good Sachette, and a lovely Familial to finish. Unfortunately Suzanne lost her Patagonia jacket off the back of her backpack and one of Chris’ clients had a calf injury on the piste and needed to be helped off the mountain by the Pisteurs. Meanwhile, Thomas was down in Ste Foy skiing the Foglietta in great conditions and Andreas ‘skinned’ up to the Col des Fours for a fantastic ski with Jeremy, Jerry and a couple of Vikings.

Gill and I took the girls for a combination of off-piste, jumping and piste cruising this afternoon while Nana enjoyed the sunshine before watching the superb rugby match. Liz was pretty pleased with the result but I’m sure Jean R is bummed!

I’d like to thank Peter B for baby-sitting last night while Gill, Liz and I enjoyed ourselves at Stephen and Kaye’s. Merci beaucoup to Stephen and Kaye as well for a great meal!

Sport Report- Although I’m still rueing West Ham’s poor result I’m sure the world’s Man U fans will be jolly pleased with themselves as City don’t seem all that serious about winning the title. It’s game on now! And what a cracking good rugby match, wow! A demain.

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