Bonjour boys!

12 March 2012

Chris, Andreas and I all headed down to Ste Foy as the sunny and warm weather continues. Chris and I ‘skinned’ up to ski the Foglietta and ended up going around to the fourth entrance, which I don’t think we’ve done before. (If so it certainly looked different) It was Adrian and Al’s first turns of the season and they were thrown into the steep and deep immediately. Bonjour! (They thought I was kidding when I said take advantage of the six warm-up turns on the piste between the second and third chairs!) The walk up had firmed up considerably and thankfully Suzanne was there to sort out my new couteaux as I’m technically retarded and was trying to put them on upside down. What a jerk and thank goodness nobody spotted me! Thanks very much Suzanne! Anyway, well done Al and Michael C who didn’t need theirs, good effort. The entrance was jolly impressive as we needed to do a little rock-hugging but everyone made it in and we had great skiing top-to-bottom as we stayed high and worked our way to the right to keep getting clean pitches. My team made it to the bus with three-minutes to spare while Chris’ team skied down to the Monal Hotel and taxied home from there. Meanwhile Andreas ‘skinned’ to Arrete Montseti with his team and they had a wonderful outing as well. Back in town Henry had good skiing in the Lavachet and was planning on skiing the Sachette as well and I’m not too sure what Thomas was up to.

It was Al, Adrian, Frans, and perhaps John D’s first trip to the Foglietta, which always makes it that much better, and it was Jeremy, Jerry, Johnny ‘Alpine’, and Robert’s first trip to Montseti.

Nana left this morning after a flying visit that was shortened by the rockslide and Millie’s just returned from school saying, “I wish Nana was still here!” Ah, it’s nice to know you’re loved. But they are however, very pleased to have Laura and Mel back!

Another beautiful day is forecast again for tomorrow and we’ve a few days of good skiing to come but we’ll be grateful for snow when it arrives.

PS Great photos Jean, especially the entrance!

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