A brilliant Glacier Pers!

13 March 2012

It was even warmer again today so we took advantage of trying to get the best of the powder while we can and Chris, Thomas and I headed over the Col towards the Glacier Pers. It’s interesting getting over the Col but still pretty easy, relatively speaking, and the snow on the Glaciers Pers was excellent. Towards the bottom we cut out way right above the refuge to get clean snow as well as ambience and it was a cracking finish. I had Diana Tingley along and we haven’t skied together for six-years as she’s been married and had two boys during that time, and it was great to see her again. The boys were also well impressed with her skiing as she skied beautifully today, bravo Diana! Thomas took his team across the glacier and up towards the Gros Caval and they had a terrific ski as well.

Meanwhile Andreas has a week’s private with Ian S and they started off around the Lavachet and Sachette before lunching in the Fruitiere. Pretty jammy Andreas! They then continued on this afternoon around the Spatule, Jardin du Borsat and Familial.

Gill, Laura and Mel walked up to the Manchet to give Mel some exercise and to watch Katie’s cross-country session with the school. Stephen and Kaye were also up there as they’ve volunteered to help with Christian’s cross-country class.

Millie and Katie started to speak to one another in French last night and Gill and I were gob smacked by Katie’s French as we’ve never heard her speak it before. She’s shy about it and refuses to speak it when we’re around and we’ve hoped that she says something in school, so it was a relief to hear her in action. Millie’s speaking beautifully now and it’s a pleasure to hear their lovely accents. (Unlike mine of course!)

More sun is forecast for tomorrow and well done you Gunners for an excellent win last night.

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