Great powder and lovely spring snow!

14 March 2012

As the heat wave continues the powder is becoming scarcer so I tried to make the most of it this morning. We started off with a ‘snow test’ off the Mont Blanc, which was positive and we enjoyed some warm-up turns in good winter snow. From there we blasted down the piste into Tignes and made our way up the cable-car to access the Rosolin, which was excellent. We skied a pitch of 20-turns, followed by one of 30-turns before skiing 85-turns to the bottom in lovely winter snow. After ‘skinning’ out for 10-minutes there was another 40-turns awaiting us as we skied across the glacier towards the second chairlift. Once back on top we switched to spring snow and had great skiing down off the Genepy, my shoulder and the meadows below. After a 15-minute ‘skin’ we had some more bonus powder down off the little Borsat West followed by some nice spring snow under the Fresse chairlift. I spotted a good line of spring snow in the Campanules from the Les Tufs chair so we had a quick run there beside the avalanche debris and then finished off our morning with warm powder followed by spring snow in the Familial. It was a fantastic morning with a 60% powder-40% spring snow mix and we covered a lot of ground. I had a couple of new German clients, Florian and Jan, who are cracking good blokes, and they slotted in perfectly and had a wonderful morning.

The boys took care of me this morning as without knowing it I somehow dropped my camera getting on the Borsat chair. I was very pleasantly surprised when Al handed me the camera at the top saying, “You might need this.” Then at the end of the morning we were skiing the piste before dropping into the Familial and I was day-dreaming while congratulating myself on what a good morning we were having when I suddenly crossed my tips and went down like a sack of potatoes. Al went racing past me and I realized he was chasing my thermos, which had flown out of my backpack and was hurtling down the mountain. Peter also got in on the act and between them they corralled my flask. Thanks boys!

Meanwhile, Andreas was up at the Fornet introducing Ian to ‘skinning’ with the faithful Glaciers Pers before lunching at the Edelweiss, while Chris skied Mont Roup, the L and finished with a Pays Desert. Thomas started off towards Mont Roup as well but changed his mind and continued ‘skinning’ up to access the Borsat West from the top. From there he circled back around to ski the Rosolin before heading back home.

Gill and Laura took the girls skiing this morning and Laura’s had Katie all afternoon working on their jewellery project while Millie did some English school work. Thanks very much Laura, you’ve a couple of real little pals there!

Stay tuned for more fun in the sun tomorrow!

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