Excellent spring snow with a little powder bonus!

15 March 2012

We’re all making the best of the current conditions as the sun continues to shine and we hopefully await some snow on Sunday or Monday. I headed up to the Crete du Genepy for some spring snow but a couple pitches of good powder presented themselves so we skied those before ‘skinning’ back up for some lovely spring snow. It was great skiing top-to-bottom but once out and on top of the Manchet it was decision time as I was worried about the Cugnai being too hard and rutted, so we skied piste down Solaise and took the Olympique back up Bellevarde. There we skied a few turns of powder en-route to some nice spring snow in the bowl off the Fresse before finishing with a very pleasant Familial. I had the pleasure of skiing with Mark and Helen this morning, who are cousins of TJ’s and are new to off-piste. They skied really well and slotted into the ‘Alpine’ rhythm brilliantly. TJ would have been proud of them!

Meanwhile, Chris went off to the Sachette and had some great skiing with powder on the top pitch followed by excellent spring snow to the bottom, and he finished off in the Familial. Thomas went up to the Fornet and had good skiing in the Col du Montet before exiting through the gorge, while Henry went down to Ste Foy to ski the south-side of the Foglietta and down to the Pigettes. Henry reported fantastic spring snow and a great outing. (Check Henry’s blog tonight as I’m sure he’ll post a photo or two) Andreas’ jammy week of wonderful lunches while skiing with Ian S got even better today. They hooked up with a guide-friend of Andreas’ and shared a helicopter and had a couple of drops in Italy, but I’m not too sure if they finished off a great morning with lovely food in Italy or France? Either way, bon appetite boys!

Gill’s lifelong friend Niki arrived last night for a visit and they skied down to Les Brevieres with Laura for lunch in the sun. Millie and Katie are extremely happy to have her here as she’s one of their favourites!

Chris wanted me to mention John D’s performance from last week. John was only here for a few days but skied the Foglietta, Mont Roup, Glaciers Pers, and I’m not sure what else. He had a fantastic time, skied really well and didn’t mind poor value for his lift pass. (Mind you, most of you are pretty good about that!) Bravo John!

Sports Report- Thanks very much to Johnny ‘Alpine’ for inviting Dave C and I up to his place for a stunning match of football last night. It was a wonderful game, the best I’ve seen for awhile, and what a great result for Chelsea and the Premiership. Thanks again John!

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