I'm really pleased with the team!

16 March 2012

We continue to squeeze what we can out of the conditions and I must say the boys are doing a pretty good job! Hopefully we’ll get some relief and receive some fresh snow Sunday and/or Monday, because a fresh canvas would be greatly appreciated.

I had a nice mix of powder and spring today, starting off with the Mont Blanc to get the legs going and test the snow. From there we had an excellent Rosolin with 15, 20, and 90-turns shots, followed by some lovely bonus turns after out 10-minute ‘skin’. We then switched to spring snow off the Genepy, my shoulder and the meadows below before ‘skinning’ towards the Borsat West for about 20-minutes. (I thought it was 15-minutes but Helen informs me it was 25, so I’ve split the difference!) There we skied a couple of really good pitches of powder followed by some spring snow under the Fresse chair, and we finished off with great spring snow in the Familial.

Meanwhile, Chris ‘skinned’ to the Col du Montet for a great outing while Thomas went down to Ste Foy to ski some wonderful spring snow on the south-side of the Foglietta. Andreas finished his five-day engagement with Ian S with a lovely Crete du Genepy. They had a brilliant week as Andreas introduced Ian to some touring with the Glacier Pers and the Crete, but I get the impression that Ian prefers to fly! Last I heard from Henry he was heading Tignes-way to ski spring snow but I haven’t heard from him and couldn’t get him on the radio this morning. Gill skied with me this morning while her pal Niki had a fantastic ski with Laura and Kiera.

We’ll enjoy another sunny day tomorrow, which could be our last as next week has a forecast for a little snow Sunday and Monday followed by some in-and-out weather for the rest of the week.

Sports Report- Tough night for the Manchester teams last night but thank goodness Chelsea restored a little pride for the Premiership on Wednesday. It’s been the worst Premiership performance in Europe since 1996 or so. And my Calgary Flames are doing their best to sneak into the play-offs, which would be fantastic as I’d love to watch them in early May when I go back to visit my parents. Come on you Flames! I must admit to being a little nervous about the Hammers as we’ve some tough games coming up and really need some results after dropping points against some of the weaker teams.

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