Two-days in one!

17 March 2012

We had two days in one today with grey skies and snow this morning and glorious sunshine this afternoon. At 12:15 when we were skiing in flat-light with falling snow I would never have dreamed that I’d be eating outside in the sun at Les Brevieres an hour later! It was an incredible turn-around to say the least.

It was never going to be easy today as we had flat-light, some southerly wind and no sunshine to soften the frozen spring snow. We did our best and Henry and I skied the Rosolin together but unfortunately the wind had worked it over slightly, and although still very pleasant it wasn’t as good as I’d been hoping. From there my team ‘skinned’ to the Borsat West and by this time the light was really flat. We had some rough piste to deal with en-route (better bet than frozen spring snow) but once we had our ‘skins’ on the snow was very good indeed. We then skied piste on the way home and I left the team at the bottom of Tommeuses so that I could meet the girls for a cracking lunch at L’Armailly in Les Brevieres. At this stage I had no idea that we’d be eating outside on a sunny terrace. Thanks ever so much for lunch Niki!

I’m not too sure where Henry ended up and I don’t know what Chris skied this morning, while both Andreas and Thomas were off. Olivier has arrived and will be here for the next ten-days or so and I’m looking forward to catching up with him.

The girls skied with Anna, Kiera and Didier this morning and had a great ski with some technique from Didier before meeting me for lunch. Thanks for taking care of them Didier! And thanks for dinner Thursday night Chrissy, it was excellent!

Hopefully it will snow tonight because the little snow that fell this morning isn’t going to change things. Fingers crossed as we really need a fresh cushion!

Sports Report- Bravo Wales for winning the Six Nations in style! I’ve England v Ireland on in the background and Millie informs me England have just kicked a penalty and moved ahead 6-3. Thankfully the Hammers scored a late equaliser against Leeds as we’re now down to third place and need to find some form to claw our way back for a top-two finish.

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