Please let it snow!

18 March 2012

It was another tricky day and I felt like the Lone Ranger (without Tonto) at the Gourmandine this morning as the rest of the boys had the day off. There was a threat of snow first thing, especially towards the Fornet where it looked quite socked-in so I headed towards the best light Sachette-way to ski some powder up top and spring towards the bottom. After arriving via the piste the traverse into the Sachette is getting more interesting with each passing day but we made it without too much hassle. The skiing on the top half was all nice winter snow and it was a good reward for our efforts. We then ’skinned’ for ten-minutes up towards the Glacier Suspendu to access some fantastic slopes but with the cloud-cover and gentle breeze the snow didn’t quite soften as much as I was hoping. Once down off the big slope the snow softened nicely as we got lower down and the bottom third was a very good texture. From there we skied some bits and pieces and finished with spring snow in the Familial.

Olivier is in town and we crossed paths with him towards the end of the morning as he’s here skiing with his Belgian team. Great to have you back Oli!

I forgot to mention Robert’s heroic move a couple of days ago. At the end of the morning we were skiing the Tommeuses piste before dropping into the Familial when there was some loud shouting behind us. A run-a-away ski was hurtling down and Robert calmly ski in front of it and corralled it with the basket of his pole. It was a very impressive catch and perfectly executed. Well done Robert!

Thanks to Stephen and Kaye for taking the girls swimming again this morning as well as feeding them lunch. It freed Gill up to ski with Niki and meant I could rest and stay dry this afternoon!

It cleared off this afternoon without any fresh snow to speak of and I’m praying for some snow tonight as a fresh canvas is now desperately needed!

PS Good work on the photos Jean!

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