Not much vis but great skiing in the Fornet!

19 March 2012

It was teasingly sunny towards Tignes this morning and I stood at the bus stop trying to decide which way to go. The Fornet has been socked-in for the past few days, meaning that more snow may have fallen in that sector and even though it was cloudier with less visibility I decided to head that way at the last second. (Partly because Jean and I had spent the past few days in Tignes and we both wanted a change of scenery, but also to have the option of staying north as all the other exposures are crunchy underfoot) We were rewarded immediately as we were the first group to dive into the Grand Vallon, which was excellent top-to-bottom. The light was good enough to navigate and ski comfortably although we did have a foggy patch halfway down. From there we stayed as north as possible in the Combe du Signal, which was very good although we could feel the base, but no one was complaining. We then skied a great run in the Combe du 3300 where the top half was pretty good but the bottom sector where we could turn north again was fantastic. Then it was time to head over the Col and we knew before arriving that it was going to be wonderful as it faces north all the way down to the valley floor and we’d have a soft cushion underfoot. The bonus was having only two tracks in front of us and finding our deepest snow of the morning with a good 25cm’s on the top half of the mountain with enough light to ski and find our way home. The trip through the gorge was beautiful and there were signs of a few more holes getting ready to appear while the existing holes are slowly getting bigger. There was also some avalanche debris at the exit to negotiate followed by a fantastic wildlife show on the road out, featuring a herd of magnificent Bouquetin and Gypete.

Meanwhile, Andreas and Olivier headed towards the sunshine in Tignes and had great snow off the Verte and in the Lower Borsat. Andreas skied the Chardonnet then circled back towards the Familial and Spatule and I’m not too sure what Oli skied. Chris decided to ’skin’ and his team of Tejina, Mike A and Suzanne skied Mont Roup, which Chris gave a 10/10 rating. Nice one! Thomas had the gastro and needed to cancel this morning while Henry was having one of his ‘paperwork’ mornings.

Gill’s friend Niki came along this morning and she did brilliantly, especially when you consider how rarely she gets to ski off-piste. I know her Mum will be logging-on so don’t forget to check the photos Carol!

Hopefully we’ll get some more snow tonight as not much fell over the past 24-hours. Besides the northern slopes you can still feel the frozen surface underfoot and more snow is needed to soften things up.

Sports Report- Great drive Jenson, and a wonderful final round for Luke Donald as he regained the World Number One ranking from Rory.

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