Another wonderful day at the Fornet!

20 March 2012

After having a great day at the Fornet yesterday there was no doubt in my mind about returning there today, even with some clouds hanging over the Col de la Galise and signs of wind at altitude. I had a young Canadian, Kari, with me this morning on her first trip to Val d’Isere and she was well impressed as we warmed-up with a run in the Grand Vallon. I thought that with a few centimetres of fresh snow being worked by the wind that yesterday’s tracks would have been covered, which they weren’t, but there was still strips of clean snow and it was jolly good skiing. From there we had an excellent run in the Pays Desert with a ten-minute ‘skin’ to access the clean lower slopes. (Gill and her friend Niki joined us for the Pays desert before Niki had to catch a bus to the airport.) It was then time to head over the Col where the snow is wonderful. With a few centimetres and a brisk wind the tracks of yesterday were erased and Kari was purring with the views and the quality of the snow. It was great skiing all the way to the bottom and the trip through the gorge was as impressive as ever. It was another terrific morning and a fabulous introduction to ‘Alpine’ for Kari.

Meanwhile, Andreas skied the Grand Vallon, Pays Desert and Col Pers as well, and Olivier was also in the neighbourhood, grinning form ear-to-ear. Thomas was also skiing the Fornet sector but I’m not too sure what all he skied. Chris decided to go for a walk and they ‘skinned’ to the Ouille des Tretetes for some excellent north-facing snow followed by a trip up to the Col des Fours, which I’m sure was pretty good as well. Bravo Tejina!

Andreas is skiing with Kevin S this week who remembers my moustache from 25-years ago. I’m always a little worried when eye-witnesses from that period are in town as we did have a pretty outrageous time in those days, but Kevin seems fairly discreet, thank goodness! Great to see you again Kevin.

Gill and I walked Mel up the Manchet valley this afternoon to watch Katie’s cross-country skiing and we spotted a group of people skiing the Banane at 3:15. No wonder there isn’t any clean spring snow on the classic slopes these days. Idiots!

I’m not too sure about the forecast although it is becoming overcast as I write at 4:30pm. Fingers crossed for either some more snow or some sunshine as we can work with either for a few days.

PS I forgot to mention Stephen’s ‘Splat du jour’, which according to Robert could be the best of the season. He was craving away on his way down to the T-bar when it hit some softer-than-expected snow and he went for a beauty, upside-down and spinning around with his legs up in the air. I was wondering why half the group had gone missing but it became evident when Stephen showed up with snow in his ears, mouth and nose. Glad you’re still in one piece Steve!

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