Glacier Pers at its best!

21 March 2012

The Fornet has just been too good to bother going anywhere else so we had a team ski in the Glacier Pers. It was pretty hard work as I cut the traverse from the Col before setting the track up, and towards the top there was 50cm’s of wonderful powder and everyone was drooling with anticipation. There was my team, along with Chris, Andreas, and Herve, who’s a great guy from the ESF, and every team left excellent tracks to grace a previously virgin mountain. It was brilliant all the way down to the last slope, which is starting to show signs of the wind that’s been blowing for the past 48-hours, but that wasn’t going to put a dampner on a stunning morning. The gorge is looking better every day as the sun climbs higher in the sky and the blue ice is becoming more colourful as the light brightens up the cascades.

Gill skied with the girls and their little pal Anna this morning and they had a massive ski. Gill just explained where they went and it’s incredible how much terrain such little people can cover in a morning. Bravo girls!

There was a horrible accident yesterday involving a 22-year-old British man who was killed when he collided with a snow cannon in the middle of the Plan piste. Apparently he was a weak skier who was totally out of control and hit the cannon at top speed. Very sad indeed but at least he hit a snow cannon and not another skier. There was also a tragic avalanche in Norway a couple of days ago involving a French guide with Swiss clients. Fortunately it was no one that Oli or JM know.

Back to brighter news, thanks for another brilliant meal last night Laura. I’ve included a few photos but I missed a photo of your lovely friend Jackie. Chrissy was there and she’s off today as her season is over and she’s now concentrating on her upcoming horse competitions. Good luck with those Chrissy!

We had another good day of sunshine and if it doesn’t snow I’ll take more of the same tomorrow!

Please check the Smile-Train link on the news page as it’s time to sponsor Dave Stevenson’s bike ride. It’s for a great charity and Dave is going to match pound for pound up to £20,000, which is extremely generous and shows how committed he his to the cause. Good luck Dave!

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