The Foehn is still blowing!

22 March 2012

The Foehn wind that has been blowing for the past several days was still howling this morning. Andreas and I debated back and forth about going to Tignes for a change of scenery or heading back to the Fornet to take advantage of the powder before the wind ruins it all. In the end we chose the Fornet and although conditions have changed significantly from yesterday, we still had a great ski and skied powder snow all morning. We started off in the Pays Desert and did a good job of milking every turn we could get out of the top section before arriving at the bottom slopes, which were very good indeed. From there we went over the Col where the entrance is as interesting as ever, and after traversing out right we skied good snow all the way down. Doug had never ‘skinned’ before and since he’d mentioned carrying these things around in his pack for ages and never using them, I thought we’d ‘skin’ up for a few minutes and give him a chance to test them. We accessed a couple of nice little pitches and it was worth the ten-minute effort. It was Corrine and Robert’s last morning of their season’s and they’ve both enjoyed some fantastic skiing.

Andreas exited the gorge before us and he headed back Bellevarde-way and probably skied the Spatule to finish off. Speaking of the gorge, I feel that it may be just about finished as a small hole yesterday was huge today, and only a small bridge remains just before the exit. (See photo of Penny) Bummer, as it’s been great value!

I skied with Tim this afternoon and we had a brilliant afternoon, skiing some nice powder off the Mont Blanc followed by some lovely spring snow under the Fresse chair at 2:45 when it’s usually finished at 1 o’clock. We then skied my shoulder before ‘skinning’ to the Little Borsat West for more winter snow, the skied back under the Fresse chair followed by the Familial in spring snow at 4:45pm. Amazing but the cloud cover and wind kept the snow cold way past its sell-by date. Andreas skied with his child friend Peter who’s visiting from Sweden and they skied spring snow late in the afternoon on the Manchet-side and had a terrific afternoon as well. Skoal!

Henry is forecasting heat for the next week so it looks as if we’ll be giving in to spring snow soon. Stay tuned!

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