Great spring skiing on the Crete!

24 March 2012

It was a fairly quiet Saturday and although I wanted a morning without walking we ended up ‘skinning’ up to the Crete du Genepy for some lovely spring snow. The walk was beautiful and we took our time to enjoy the scenery and share around some yummy treats before skiing. It was great to ski with Kevin, who I haven’t seen since my moustache-days and we had a good catch-up while walking up. It turns out that he met Michael Rosen in a Finlay’s chalet years ago and Michael said he was skiing with me and told Kevin about my blog. Kevin has been reading it ever since and wanted to say thanks and hello to Michael, and also thanks to Piers who drove him home after he broke his leg all those years ago. Thanks boys! After the Crete we skied some piste before skiing winter snow in the Jardin du Borsat Nord and then cruised La Daille, which was in great shape, to get Fiona back in time for her taxi.

Meanwhile Chris was skiing the Sachette with Tejina, Andreas had the day off and ‘skinned’ to the Sana with some mates before skiing with his family this afternoon, and Thomas was off the stay the night in the Femma with the Danes.

Thank you to Kari for kindly setting up Millie and Katie with some accounts. The site looks like brilliant fun for young girls so log on and have a look!

Gill and Kiera skied with the girls this morning and after setting up their Star doll sites with Kari, Millie and Katie are out with Anna playing on their own and building some independence.

Sports Report- I’m a little worried about my Hammers at the moment and we could really do with a win today after drawing 4-straight games and dropping 8 points. We now find ourselves in trouble and no longer have any breathing space. Come on boys!

PS : Don’t forget the time change tonight, clocks go forward ! Good night to be taking it easy.

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