A brilliant Sachette !

26 March 2012

The hour time-change is still taking its toll and I’m going to miss the footie at Johnny ‘Alpine’s’ tonight to get in an early night. As for the skiing today, it was absolutely brilliant as Chris, Andreas and I had a team ski in the Sachette. The top half was excellent winter snow while the bottom section was perfect spring, and that adds up to a wonderful combination! After the Sachette we skied various slopes ranging from good spring snow to wetter snow that we pushed about (necessary if it’s been tracked) en route to a lovely Familial to finish. The Nelson family have arrived and Phillip, Lyndsay, Alex and Henry are skiing with Andreas this week and they thoroughly enjoyed their morning, our Russian friend Andrej is back skiing with my team, and Stephen S, who we haven’t seen for awhile is back skiing with Chris, along with Rob, Kirsty, Sandy, and new to Alpine this morning was Gareth.

I’d like to thank Peter B for organising a great tea for the girls at the Chamois d’Or yesterday afternoon. Stephen, Kaye and Christian were also invited, Jonathan is staying there and the girls met a little 5-year-old named Lois, who was jolly good fun. All in all it was a very jovial session and thanks for the beer Jonathan!

Gill was extremely pleased that I forgot my camera today as it saves about 45-minutes in the afternoon and my new photographic hobby is driving her nuts. Anyway, Jean took some great photos today and they are up on his link. Merci Jean!

Stay tuned for more skiing news tomorrow.

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