A fantastic change of pace!

27 March 2012

As we settle into life without fresh snow it’s time to ski some alternative slopes and use our imagination. Andreas wanted some company towards the Par-avalanche and Glattier and since I haven’t skied those slopes for awhile I decided to accompany his team, and what a morning we had! After skiing six powder turns (I’ve a reputation to think of) off the Mont Blanc we skied piste into Tignes, which was good up top but the bottom slopes are a little firm to say the least. (Penny and Kaye took the Aero-ski down to avoid the chatter) Once in Tignes it was game on for some fantastic spring skiing on slopes we don’t spend that much time on. First up was an excellent Super Cocaine, which was much cleaner than hoped for. Next was a ski beside the first-par-avalanche right down as far as we could go before cutting out to the Chaudannes chair, and that was clean and really satisfying with a little walk over a creek to get out. We then skied a very, very good Glattier, which again was cleaner than expected and excellent value, and we caught the bus with five-minutes to spare. To continue the theme we rode the lift back up to the Aiguille Percee for the impressive ‘toothy rock’, which didn’t disappoint. We finished off in the Familial and my team walked up for three-minutes to access the lovely spring slopes at the bottom and it was a great way to finish off a terrific morning! Good call and a great change of scenery Andreas!

Meanwhile Chris was heading off to ski the Crete du Genepy, which will have been wonderful, and I think Henry kept him company.

More of the same is forecast for the next few days and this afternoon is significantly warmer than yesterday, perhaps because the breeze is slowly dying down.

Sports Report- It’s a massive night for West Ham and a win is absolutely necessary to keep the Hammers within striking distance of the top two places. Come on boys! And the Calgary Flames won a big game against Dallas last night to keep their slim play-off hopes alive. (Katie and Millie watched the highlights this morning)

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