Band of Brothers!

28 March 2012

The incredible weather continued today and everyone enjoyed another fantastic morning. I ‘skinned’ about two-third’s of the way up the Crete du Genepy but it was high enough to access all the slopes needed and we skied steep pitches on perfectly clean snow. ( Henry mentioned at the Gourmandine that the normal slopes en-route to Mont Roup were trashed and that a little ‘skin’ would help avoid the rubbish. I intended to walk for 10-minutes but it turned out to be more like 20-minutes, but well worth it. Thanks Henry!) We then headed up Mont Roup and traversed around the corner to ski the big slopes, and to my delight no one has been out that far yet and they were wonderfully clean and the perfect texture. From there we skied piste and back-tracked to Bellevarde and finished off a great morning of exquisite spring snow with a five-minute walk to more of the same in the Familial. I had Henry and Alex (twins) with me today as their Dad Philip was skiing with Andreas, and Jean’s brother Bernard started this morning. I must say bravo to Andrej who braved some seriously steep slopes and dealt with them really well. Each turn is one in the bank and Andrej didn’t hesitate this morning as he’s coming to terms with a healthy respect for the steep.

Chris and Henry went to Tignes to ski the Cocaine, Glattier, Par-avalanche, and Familial, while Thomas took Peter B’s team down to Ste Foy, and Andreas and Philip ‘skinned’ to the Col des Barme de l’Ours. Well done Philip, who’s getting over an ankle injury and did really well today!

Gill and Laura skied with the girls this morning and I miss skiing with them. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some off-piste afternoons in before they go. Wils and Rosie are arriving soon so we should have quite a crew!

Sports Report- The Hammers won a big game last night 2-0 away and now are one point behind Reading for an automatic promotion spot. We play Reading at home this weekend with it all on the line! And the Flames have a do-or-die game tonight in Calgary against the LA Kings. Come on boys!

PS Thanks for a lovely drink in the Blizzard last night Peter, the girls are getting spoiled! And there was an accident of some sort on the Face du Charvet this morning but we don’t have any details except a helicopter was needed for the rescue.

PSS Jonathan had just informed me that the accident on the Face du Charvet this morning was fatal. A British skier staying in his chalet was killed falling off the cliffs. I don’t know if he fell and slid or was just skiing too quickly but either way he went over the cliffs and was killed. Peter B is in the same chalet and has been all season and everyone there is very shaken up. The man’s wife and one-year-old child are both at the hotel. Very tragic indeed.

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