Another absolutely brilliant morning!

29 March 2012

My plan today was to head up to the Col des Barmes de l’Ours but the snow is changing and anything but dead-north has taken the sun (plus it’s tracked to death) so I went to Plan B and we had a stunning morning of perfect spring snow. Chris came along as well and I pretty much retraced my footsteps of yesterday but it was new for Penny, Stephen, Kaye and Gill and Chris Jean and Bernard were only to happy to have another go. The Crete du Genepy was excellent and Mont Roup itself was brilliant. After skiing down Solaise on-piste (option of the chairlift down) we tried the top half of the Banane/Super Santons, which was cleaner than expected with great ambience, and jolly good fun.

Meanwhile Andreas headed towards the Motte with Philip and Henry (Alex has a tummy upset, as did Andrej in my group and Penny missed yesterday) but I’m not too sure what they skied. Henry was also in action with Dave’s team and he was looking for good-value spring snow, meaning as little walking as possible.

I need to get ready to work this afternoon and I’m going to Clive’s for drinks tonight so it’s a short update.

Log-on for more fun in the sun is in store for tomorrow!

PS Andreas ended up skiing the 3500 off the Motte with Henry before meeting back up with Philip for a cracking lunch. I bet Alex will be feeling really ill now!

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