A brilliant day out!

30 March 2012

Stuart-the-Sea-Captain wanted to go down to Ste Foy so Chris agreed and I took my team to keep them company. It was the first time to Ste Foy for most of our group and we had a superb day with wonderful snow, great views and some adventurous trekking to arrive back to the station. We skied the south-side of the Foglietta and it was perfect spring snow top-to-bottom with some ambience as we worked our way down on the steep slopes and dropping through little couloirs to rejoin the big slopes under the cliffs. We had a good flower show as spring has arrived and we even saw two snakes basking in the sun. Now that’s a first! It was hard work but really rewarding and everyone thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic day out.

Meanwhile Andreas skied his last day with the Nelson family and they’ve had a terrific week and Thomas skied spring snow in Tignes skiing the Cocaine, the Glattier, the Sache and the Familial. I just ran into Jonathan who said that this was the best week of skiing he’s ever had! Mind you he says that at the end of every holiday but it gives you an idea of how good the spring skiing has been.

More sun is forecast for tomorrow and although this weather is wonderful it would be nice to get some snow and stop the melt process for a few days as the snow is going quickly. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Great photos Jean, bien fait!

PSS Thanks for a lovely drinks party last night Clive! It was great to see you again and thanks also to Clive’s beautiful daughter-in-law Courtney, who did a superb job on the catering. I’m also grateful to Henry N who bought me a bag of dried fruit and nuts, which turned out to be my lunch today as I arrived back from Ste Foy at 1:50 for a 2 o’clock lesson. Thanks Henry!

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