Double thumbs-up from Sylvie!

31 March 2012

After yesterday’s efforts at Ste Foy Chris and I decided to keep the walking to a minimum and we had an excellent morning of spring skiing in Tignes. Once in Tignes we opened up with a very good Cocaine, and my team followed that up with a trip next to the first par-avalanche while Chris’ team skied the second par-avalanche and hiked back up the road. We then skied an excellent Glattier followed by ‘toothy rock’ and an atmospheric couloir below. My team circled back around to ski the couloir again and both teams finished with a lovely Familial. It was a great morning and Sylvie gave it a double-thumbs-up! I had John and Margaret’s son Anthony along with his friends Mike and Sarah and it was Mike and Sarah’s first-ever ski with us.

I met my girls along with Kiera and Anna for a picnic at the ruin in the bottom of the Familial and after lunch we had a great off-piste session skiing the Campanules twice and the narrow gully under the Fresse chair twice. I could see people watching us from the chair and they were probably thinking, “What’s that idiot doing with those children?” Anyway, the girls skied brilliantly and it was fantastic to get them onto such impressive slopes. (See photos of the day)

Sports Report- I just ruined a wonderful day by checking the Hammers score. We lost 4-2 to Reading and our chances of automatic promotion have taken a major setback. Bummer! And Arsenal lost as well and with City drawing with Sunderland Man U are now in the drivers seat for the title.

PS Thomas was in action today and took a new group of French skiers up towards the Sana. And Gill was chatting about me in the Funival when a Scottish chap behind her said, “Are you Gill?, I read Wayne’s blog everyday!” Gill asked if he’s skied with me before and he said not yet but he’s planning on it sometime soon. I look forward to meeting you!

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