A final Mont Roup before the change in weather!

02 April 2012

The weather is due to change and today may be our last day of proper spring skiing for a while. Hopefully it will freeze tonight and be sunny tomorrow morning before it clouds over and starts to snow tomorrow afternoon/evening, but that’s optimistic as it could be a tough day tomorrow as we await the forecasted snow. Anyway, we’ve just enjoyed a couple of weeks of fabulous spring skiing but a fresh canvas and some powder will be greatly appreciated!

As for today’s skiing, it was outstanding! I headed up to take advantage of the spring snow on the Crete du Genepy en-route to Mont Roup, which has been and was again today, wonderful. The big slopes are clean and atmospheric as it’s pretty jolly steep out there and Julian said, “That was bloody fantastic!” Chris and Thomas came along as well and after Mont Roup we back-tracked to the Olympique where the boys finished with a Super Santons into the Santons while I skied the Banane. (Inga, note Geoff’s helmet in the photos!)

Meanwhile Andreas and Henry enjoyed great skiing as well with the spring ‘classics’ in Tignes where they skied the Cocaine, Glattier, Toothy Rock, Campanules and probably the Familial to finish. Young Rory Campbell was skiing with Andreas this morning as he’s now getting stuck in to the off-piste. Bravo Rory!

This afternoon I skied with Jemima and Ellie for an off-piste initiation and we skied the Campanules twice in lovely snow and the gullies below the Fresse twice as well. Jemima went to Charterhouse and was taught by Ed How, who was the Englishman killed on the Face du Charvet last week. She said he was a wonderful man, a great teacher and was adored by all the boys as he was heavily involved with the sports programmes at Charterhouse. What a sad and tragic accident!

Hopefully we’ll have some kind conditions tomorrow before the snow arrives as frozen snow and no sunshine adds up to a tough transitional morning. Fingers crossed!

PS Gill skied her last off-piste morning of the season today, but what a way to finish! She flew up Mont Roup in 17-minutes and Bernard wasn’t far behind with 22-minutes. I personally took my time with the rest of the team!

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