A fantastic bonus morning!

03 April 2012

A potentially tricky day turned out to be a real bonus morning of excellent skiing. Thomas, Chris, Andreas and I all headed towards the Sachette where we’d have options if we needed them. There was a dusting of fresh snow overnight, which was great news as the fresh snow eats into the freezing layer underneath (and insulates the surface from freezing rock solid) so we had a nice spring feel with or without the sun. Fortunately the sun did break through and we had another morning of superb spring snow after some nice powdery snow on the top third of the Sachette. We ‘skinned’ up towards the Glacier Suspendu for a fabulous slope and Stuart lost his ski, which tumbled down most of the slope and Andreas had to ski down on one ski. Nice one Stuart and bravo Andreas! Chris and I finished with a good pitch off the Rhododendron and Familial while Andreas went back up for one in Toothy Rock. (I’m not too sure how Thomas finished his morning) Henry was also skiing today but I’ve no idea where he went)

Thanks for the footie match last night Geoff. It looks like it’s curtains for City as they’ve blown their chance for the title. (In my opinion but there is still a ways to go)

I’m getting ready for a gourmet evening at Laura’s so sorry for the short update. Stay tuned for hopefully some powder news tomorrow!

PS Millie and Katie finshed their French school term today and will be skiing for the next week before leaving on the 11th. Boy, that was a quick winter!

PSS Katie just showed us her school report and she received straight ‘A’s’. I am seriously proud of her and she also had a lovely letter from her teacher about how well she’s done and what a pleasure she’s been to have in class. Can he really be talking about my Katie? (Millie hasn’t had her report yet)

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