A very atmospheric morning!

04 April 2012

Today was the day for the potential ‘stinker’, and although it was a tricky morning it turned out to be a jolly good outing. There was very little freeze overnight, the sky was grey and instead of clearing up as forecast it socked-in and started snowing, leaving us in pretty flat-light. Since we all skied the Sachette yesterday everyone started off with other plans, but as the morning unfolded, the Sachette would have been a perfect option. Anyway, we all came up with alternatives and a good ski. Chris and I skied the Borsat, the big face on the Grand Balme, Toothy Rock, beside the first Par-avalanche, and I then finished with the Familial.

Meanwhile Thomas skied the Cocaine, Glattier and I’m not too sure after that while Andreas skied the ‘Wall’ and Combe des Lanches, and along the Par-avalanche as well. It wasn’t the easiest but we had loads of ambience and everyone enjoyed themselves during a transition-type morning.

I had a great ski with Jemima and Ellie this afternoon as we skied the Borsat, Cairn, Combe des Lanches and Familial. Fortunately it cheered up a little and we had decent visibility.

Thanks for a wonderful meal and evening last night Laura. It was great to see Jane and Jumbo and their boys Angus and Stuart, as well as TJ’s cousin Vicki. Fantastic food and company, thanks again!

It was Jean’s brother Bernard last morning today. He’s had a superb week and we look forward to seeing more of him next season.

Hopefully we’ll get some snow tonight and a fresh mountain to work with tomorrow! (Sorry but I’m off in a rush again!)

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