Happy birthday Kaye!

05 April 2012

It rained in town overnight, which is good news at this time of year because we had a fresh cushion of snow at altitude. Because of the rain there was very little freeze so the goal today was to stay as north and high as possible. If everyone tried to stay on north facing slopes the spring slopes (meaning east, south, or west facing) would have a chance to transform properly in a ‘clean’ state. But if they’re tracked now they’ll transform into an un-ski able mess and this last snowfall will be wasted. Bummer as you just know it’s going to happen!

As for today’s skiing, we all headed up to the Fornet Glacier and had some excellent skiing. After one on the piste, we skied the Combe du 3300, the Pays Desert and two surprisingly good runs in the Grand Vallon. We managed to stay as north as possible and only had a couple of patches with a ‘crunchy’ base. It was Jeff’s last day of his first-ever week with us and he’s had a wonderful time and will be back next season. It was Kaye’s birthday today and after a great ski she was having a dandelion salad at the Crozet, followed by dinner at la Grande Ourse. Nice one and happy birthday Kaye!

With the lack of freeze last night I gave my afternoon off-piste with Stuart, Angus, Jane and Jumbo a miss and took my girls swimming instead. It did my legs a world of good to have a rest and do some swimming mixed with massage up against the bubbling jets. Hopefully we’ll get a good re-freeze tonight and I can ski with the McClaren clan tomorrow afternoon. (Sorry about today!)

Sports Report- The first golf major of the season gets underway at Augusta today and it should be a fantastic tournament with an extremely high quality field competing, including Tiger Woods who seems to have worked his way back into being a serious threat again. Does that mean we have to be subjected to idiots yelling, “Get in the hole!” Or, “Nice birdie Tiger!”?

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