Stunning snow on the Motte!

06 April 2012

It was another morning of limited options, but we did manage some superb powder skiing off the Motte. It froze overnight but not enough to inspire confidence about the stability of big slopes below 2500 metres so we stayed high and had some great snow. Chris, Thomas and I started with a Lower Borsat en-route to the Grande Motte, where the ambience was fantastic with a sea-of-cloud below us while we were above it in the sunshine. (See photos) We enjoyed the visibility before dropping into the cloud bank as we skied a beautiful 107-turn pitch in the Rosolin with enough visibility to relax and see where we were skiing. After ‘skinning’ out for ten-minutes or so we circled back around for another pitch of 95-turns. We then skied the Cairn but needed to ski the sunny-side (didn’t ski anything clean as we wanted to keep the potential spring snow unmarked) and it was pretty jolly good. From there we skied some spring snow under the Fresse chair and we all finished with a piste run to La Daille.

Meanwhile Andreas skied the Borsat form higher up, followed by a shot in the Rosolin before heading into the Tour du Balme. When coming around to the big slopes of the Balme they were surprised as they ran into the middle of a Danish Free-ride competition complete with people jumping cliffs and a helicopter hovering about with a film crew. They skied one of the couloirs anyway and may make the 9 o’clock news in Denmark!

Hats off to Derek, Paul and Peter who were out to 5 o’clock on some sort of over-50’s pub crawl, and they all managed to show up and strut their stuff this morning. Scary boys but an amazing display gentleman! ( but better you than me!)

I skied with the McClaren clan this afternoon and we did a little technique, raced around a bit and then skied the Jardin du Borsat Nord. Well done boys! Millie skied this afternoon with Wils, Rosie and Uncle Rob. She needed to take the bus to La Daille on her own and cross the road due to the Scara taking over the car-park. Bravo Millie!

We’ve made the best of the past three days where it’s been potentially tricky and we’ve had some great skiing. Tomorrow may be another tough one but fingers crossed and hope for the best!

Sports Report- Keep it going Lee!

Advertisement! These Movement skis are seriously good and it’s amazing how they taken the market by storm. There are several different models to chose from and everyone who has a pair loves them. Because they’re touring skis they are much lighter than normal skis but perform on the piste beautifully. And some good news is that Frans had his skis replaced by Movement even though the warranty had expired as he had a pair that delaminated. It’s great to see them stand by their product.

PS The girls had a lovely time at the Petit Danois catching up with their school pals while Andreas’ kids had a great time using beepers to find the eggs during their easter egg hunt!

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