An excellent Sachette with fresh snow!

07 April 2012

There was a dusting of fresh snow overnight, which gave us a softer cushion and helped to ‘clean’ up some of the spring slopes, but it also insulated the surface against the re-freeze, making for potentially tricky conditions at lower altitudes. The Fornet sector looked to be cloudier so we all headed to Tignes to ski the Sachette, which would give up powder up high and the option of spring snow lower down. As predicted, the skiing was excellent and we enjoyed winter snow most of the way down. It became fragile towards the bottom as the freeze gave way, but my team made it all the way down to the cut-out point. (The rest of the boys took the option of cutting out a little earlier to avoid the lowest section as it was getting towards the ‘limit’ for support.) From there Andreas and I circled back around to the Borsat for a nice Jardin du Borsat Nord to finish a really good morning.

I must apologise to Derek for saying he was an integral part of the ‘over-50’s pub crawl’. He was a driving force but he’s only 48! Sorry Derek.

Thanks to Rob for a fantastic meal at the Perdrix last night. Everything was first-class and the Perdrix staff took great care of us as well. Thanks and see you soon Rob!

Sports Report- Thomas has been skiing privately the past couple of mornings with Dave, who informed me at the entrance to the Sachette that he too, was a West Ham fan for his sins. Our 4-0 win yesterday helped but we’re still up against it as far as automatic promotion goes. And the Masters is wide open and looking as it the finish on Sunday will be of high drama with quite a few players in with a chance.

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