Dreadful start, wonderful finish!

08 April 2012

Gill and I were up at the Fornet with the girls visiting the Ellis family yesterday afternoon and there were huge flakes of snow falling out of the sky. I thought we were in for a fantastic ski at the Fornet today and could hardly wait to ski the fresh powder, and as we watched the snow fall Anthony signed up for this morning as well. It blew fairly hard during the night but we all headed up to the Fornet this morning anyway expecting some great powder. Unfortunately it was still blowing a gale, most of the lifts were closed and it was winter-cold again so after a few decent turns in the bottom of the Combe du Signal we all did a u-turn and bussed back to Bellevarde to re-start the day. If anyone wanted to go home at 9:30 no one would have blamed them as it was a seriously tough start to the morning.

Even though the wind was still blowing on Bellevarde it wasn’t nearly as cold and we immediately had some nice skiing off the Verte before skiing a great run in the lower Borsat and across the meadows below. At this stage it wasn’t exactly clear what to do next so Chris headed upstairs towards the Motte while Andreas and I took the Tichot chair. The Col du Palet was closed as was the Col des Ves so I had some good skiing under the Balme before heading up the Funicular to join Chris up on the Motte. The skiing off the Genepy was superb as it always collects snow when the wind is northerly and it was satisfyingly deep. (Chris’ team enjoyed it so much they circled back for another run) We then skied across the meadows and under the Fresse chair before finishing the morning with a very good Familial. From the Tichot Andreas opted for an excellent run in the Chardonnet followed by a couple off the Grand Huit before arriving at La Daille via the Familial. Thomas was with us all morning and I know he skied the Borsat, Spatule and Familial, but I’m not too sure what else. (I was impressed the way Anthony drove his red Val d’Isere Legends around this morning. I love my new skis but I did have seven wonderful years on those skis and it was nice to see them being skied so well. Chapeau Ant!)

Thanks to Sarah and Dom for arranging a very successful Easter-Egg hunt in difficult conditions this morning. Bravo for a great effort!

Andreas and Tansy had to postpone their annual Alpine BBQ due to another rock slide across the road. Dodgy road that! The excellent road service crew have managed a detour of some sort but it’s very slow going and combined with the weather the BBQ is on for tomorrow afternoon instead.

They had the weather report all wrong today and in places it snowed a significant amount, especially on the lee-side. It has brightened up considerably this afternoon but I’m not too sure what to expect for tomorrow. Either way, we’ve some fresh snow to ski tomorrow.

It’s a great day for sport as there are some huge football matches, rugby as well?, and the final round of the Masters, which I’m going to watch some of with Jean this evening.

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