Wow, how good was that?

09 April 2012

After several days of flattish light we were treated to sunny skies today and some seriously good skiing. It was much colder last night and was forecast to stay cool today even with the April sun so we headed up high around the Motte to ski the wonderful snow that had been blow in over the past couple of days. My team started with a great taster in the Lower Borsat and meadows before heading upstairs on the Funicular. We immediately dove down towards my shoulder and savoured a brilliant first run in wonderful snow on a trackless mountainside. The Leisse chair was closed for blasting so we waiting for 15-minutes or so for the Pisteurs to finish before cutting a trail back to the chair to circle around for another run. After round-2 it was starting to get tracked out so we skied a lovely run off the Genepy back down into Val Claret before heading up for one on the big face of the Grande Balme. The Balme was pretty jolly good and very atmospheric and everyone appreciated the ambience. We then went back up Les Lanches to access the meadows back down towards the Genepy piste and then finished off with a very good Familial.

The rest of the team skied in the same neighbourhood starting with the Borsat, followed by the Motte and Balme and Thomas threw in a Chardonnet as well. It was a fantastic morning and a real bonus after a few tough days weather/condition-wise. Bravo team for a job well done!

Gill, Millie and Katie skied with Margaret and her grand-daughter Natasha this morning and they had a brilliant time as the pistes were in excellent condition and they had a seriously good ‘girls team’. The girls are leaving on Wednesday so Gill is having a ‘girls drinks’ this evening and will unfortunately miss Andreas’ Alpine BBQ.
It’s a much better afternoon for it and I’ll give you some news and photos tomorrow.

Today’s Jean’s and my ski photos are up so don’t forget to check out today’s action.

Sports Report- Bravo Arsenal who are now pals with United fans and what a fantastic finish to the Masters! Bubba looked brilliant in his all-white outfit and his pink-shafted-pink-headed driver. And it was nice to see Bubba blub with joy after his first-ever Major victory!

PS Thanks to Stephen and Kaye for a great time at the Billabong/Roxy Burger Bar. Boy, I love that place!

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