A change of scenery!

10 April 2012

We had another window of opportunity today with clear skies in the morning, but with wind and increasing cloud cover due during the afternoon. After so much time in Tignes I thought it was time to roll the dice and take a chance on the Fornet, as it seems like such a long time since we’ve skied up there. Normally there’s a reason for avoiding certain sectors and we found out today why we haven’t been up there of late. (I am hard on myself mind you)

Chris came along for a Glacier Pers and the first bit of good news was getting over the Col was pretty easy considering. The fresh snow gave us a cushion above the rocks and stepping in was no problem at all. We ‘skinned’ up for about 30-minutes or so and the snow improved the higher we climbed. The first two pitches were pretty jolly good, but from there it stiffened up and we needed to ‘sniff’ about before escaping to spring snow, which was very nice indeed and appreciated. After ‘skinning’ again for 15-minutes to the Grand Torsai we relaxed for 10 to minutes waiting for the snow to soften to perfection and we enjoyed a brilliant run down above the gorge on my cheeky little non-tourist route. It’s a very atmospheric way down above the gorge and it was as good as it gets today, which was a bonus after a tough middle section on the Glacier Pers.

Meanwhile, Henry headed towards the faithful Sachette and will have had some lovely powder up top followed by spring options when needed and Andreas ‘skinned’ to the Col des Balme de l’Ours for some excellent powder. Bravo boys and good effort from Andreas’ team!

Thanks very much Andreas and Tansy for hosting such a great afternoon/evening yesterday. Tansy’s Mum and Dad, Lorna and Robin also helped out and it was a fantastic BBQ. The kids ran wild and had a lovely time and needed to be dragged away later than planned. Andreas did a top job on the BBQ and the salad selection was excellent. Katie said in bed as she pulled up her duvet, “Can we do that every day Dad?” Bravo to everyone involved and thanks very much as it was a brilliant finish to a stunning day! (Check photos of the Day)

PS It was the girls last ski today and they had a wonderful time with the Ellis clan again this morning. They may go out in the morning but chances are they’ll have finished on a high this morning. I’m off tomorrow afternoon to the airport so it will probably be a short or late update tomorrow.

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