Bloody magnificent!

11 April 2012

It blew from the south overnight and loaded things up beautifully up at the Fornet and the entire team profited with one of the better days of the season. It was -8 in the village this morning and forecast to stay cold allowing us to ski in winter conditions all morning. We started off on Solaise with one down the piste, which was absolutely superb! I counted 120-turns without a track in front of us before reigning in to regroup and everyone was buzzing. It’s a great run top-to-bottom and when you can get it first in those conditions it’s a fantastic way to start. From there my team was first onto the Mattis so we skied it non-stop (which I’ve never done before) to the bottom in lovely snow. Chris skied it as well then the rest of the boys took various routes down to the Laisinant Express where we made our way to the Fornet. We were first into the Grand Vallon, which was great top and bottom but a little bumpy for a pitch in the middle, but who cares about that with the ambience on offer! From there we opened up the Combe du Signal, which was very good indeed, before heading up to the Glacier where the visibility was much better. I followed Andreas into the Combe du 3300, again top marks, before hooking up with Henry who’d found a nice little stash towards the Combe du Geant, which was seriously deep! I then circled back around to take the Combe from the top before heading back down with Jean and the Parker boys as I needed to head off to the airport (they were all shagged!) while Stephen, Kaye and Derek stayed on the Glacier to finish themselves off. All the Alpine team had a wonderful morning skiing variations of similar runs and it really was a stunning morning of maximum turns! (Check Jean’s photos. He did a great job as we skied non-stop all morning and he didn’t get much of chance to get his camera out! I didn’t take any today because of my trip to the airport)

It was a lovely farewell with the girls who’ve had such a fantastic winter. They loved school, the skiing, the swimming, the social life, both with their adult friends as well as other children, and they seem to have acquired a love of the mountains and the snow, which of course makes me extremely happy! Fingers crossed that they can come back next year.

I’m off to bed for an early night as it looks like the surf will be up again tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Happy Birthday to Gill and Oscar for tomorrow!

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